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I try a bit of everything, but my specialties are manga/anime original works, and original fiction. Fanart appears on a sporadic basis, so keep an eye out for those.

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What's in my favorites is a treasure trove of tutorials, references, fanart, and original works I adore. Be warned, though. I do love my more... adult works.


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Yep, I'm taking points now! If you like my art and writing, my Beatbox and Smooth Tunes feature journals, or you just feel like being kind, I'd appreciate it to the moon and back if you tossed a few points my way!

This is also for when I set up point commissions for various items that I don't feel need a separate commission widget.

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So yeah, I noticed I don't have Core anymore (not that I need it because I'm not even that active around here nowadays). Shame, but I think it's high time to do an update with myself while working on putting out the next Smooth Tunes (which is also long overdue, sorry~). So let's get this show on the road!

:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:Art/Writing News:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue:

:bulletblue: So my tablet works on my computer after all, and as you can tell, I've definitely been doing quite a bit with it. (Even though that was a winter/Christmas piece and it's effin' February now.) But I've learned that it's much faster sketching and drawing digitally than it was via my old way of drawing in a sketchbook, scanning the finished sketch, then lining over it and coloring it in whatever program I chose. Where am I going with this, you ask? 

:bulletwhite: I actually have quite a few new pieces on backlog that I want to post. The issue is that they're B&W line arts, and the scant remainder that is colored are flats. So unless you're up for looking at flat works or lineart of my OCs that I refuse to let anyone color, give me more time to finish those up.

:bulletblue: Writing wise.... I haven't written any stories or poetry in a while. My main focus has been art and RP, which has grown into my own way of storytelling aside from picking up my tablet pen. It's about time I come out and announce this one thing that's been playing on my mind for a while, though: ...I... Don't like general poetry writing anymore. And I've lost interest in clean creative writing. Don't get me wrong, I still love creative writing in terms of smut and erotica, and that's still my dream to become the next Zane or Eric Jerome Dickey in terms of erotic works. I just don't have it in me to write more general works anymore, and the dream of becoming a novelist in general has only narrowed to, "only if I'm a smut fiction novelist."

So if you watching me for my art, great! I'm sure you'll love what I have in store for the future. But if you were originally watching me for my writing... Other than roleplay and smut (and both will forever be located off-DA), I'm sorry to say you won't see much of that anymore unless it's BURST Saga-related. Lily-bean is the official general writer out of the two of us. You're better off keeping an eye on his shit (no matter how sporadic it is) than hoping I change my mind on this or being bold enough to post my more erotic works.

:bulletwhite: To that effect, I'm reorganizing my gallery and clearing out all of my old writing aside from three pieces of writing that still mean the most to me (damn me and my sentimental mind). Those three however, are going straight into my scraps, as well as any future bursts of writing inspiration that decide to hit me in the face. New life, new year, new me. And I have some new wishes for myself to focus on my art.

:bulletred::bulletblack::bulletred:Personal News:bulletred::bulletblack::bulletred:

:bulletred: Other than that, life's been... meh. Lily and I have been good. Not much to report other than depression and the fact that I officially have no friends other than a few acquaintances now. It's a long story, but that's also why I've come back to start fresh; I literally have no people that I can call friends aside from two (maybe three) people. And at least one of them is attached to me romantically. 

Lexi: Hey, we're here, ya douchebag! What are we, non-existent or some shit to you now?!
Me: Aside from y'all, man! ...I meant people I can touch. :XD:

Anyway, I'll be more active here on a sporadic basis. Because of that, I'll also have to put Beatbox/Smooth Tunes on the same sporadic updates until I feel more comfortable giving myself a set deadline for these things. 

:bulletblack: Also, I've finally settled on a persona name for myself. A.M. Lucree is my professional pen name to this day, but I wanted something else to go by in terms of more personal crap. So call me Lucretire. Simple, elegant, and mostly gender neutral. Nice to meet you!

And I do believe that's it. I'll have more later on as life goes by. Until next time!

Lucretire and Lexi, comin' back at ya soon!
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  • Watching: The phone screen?
  • Playing: Game of life? Game of life.
  • Eating: Rice, corn, and smoked sausage.
  • Drinking: Water.


Lady Lord Light
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Welcome to my profile! My real name is a secret, so just call me Lady or Lord Light!


I write, I draw, I have an ongoing project called the BURST Saga, and I have a tendency to be inactive and lazy at times. My dream is to be famous (but isn't that everyone's dream?) and to have my series be a successful franchise!

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Want to be a part of this guild? Get close to me as a friend and we'll talk. *winks*


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